Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cucumber and Tomato Salad

Family Favorite!! This is dish is usually gone the same day we make it! Great as an appetizer, side or if you just want to have it for lunch. Perfect for those hot summer days.

2 cucumbers
1 large tomato
1 small green pepper
1 small purple onion
1/3 cup veggie oil
3 Tbsp sugar
3 Tbsp red wine vinegar
3/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp pepper

Chop cucumber, tomato, bell pepper and onion. Whisk together oil and next 4 ingredients in large bowl until sugar dissolves. Add cucumber mixture. Toss together. Cover and chill 3 hours.

Yields: 2 cups


  1. Simple and colourful dish

  2. I like a nice simple salad like this; it's this type of salad that we eat most often, not a lot of heavy sauce that masks the flavor or the color the vegetables. Well done!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! it is a pleasure to meet you. Hope you come by and visit again.

  3. It's nice to meet you too!! Thanks for visiting!

  4. This looks so delicious and refreshing. I love how colorful it is. If I get the chance to get to the store, I'm going to try this as a side to our burgers tomorrow. Thanks!