Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Specialty Rueben Sandwich

For lunch today I decided to try making something we'd discovered while visiting Boone at the Daily Bread. We'd gone there for lunch after looking at my potential (well not anymore, we signed the lease!) apartment. Located right downtown, we walked there after wandering around a bit. My dad and I have been in there before, and like last time, it was packed! People were waiting outside for them to open even, and luckily, we showed up just as they did and were able to get a seat before it filled up. I ordered the Gobbler, and was so happy with it, I made an attempt at making it for lunch today for my mom and I.

Sauerkraut, canned, fresh or bagged is fine (heated)
Rye bread
Thousand island dressing
Cheddar or swiss cheese
Turkey (from the deli, sliced)

1. Heat the sauerkraut on the stove.
2. Lightly toast bread.
3. Spread dressing on to one slice, add desired amount of turkey, cheese.
4. When sauerkraut is warm enough, add to the sandwich.
Optional: grill to melt the cheese

After lunch, we had to bring outside plants that we'd brought in so our house could be painted. Nothing out of the ordinary, except that the first floor of our house no longer looked like a jungle. Until we watered the geraniums. For the past four or five days, he'd been living in our house, in the pot. He enjoyed getting wet when we watered the plants, but we were just surprised that he didn't get discovered by our two cats after all that time! He's a lucky frog.

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